Writing Your 1 Story: Living Life with a Higher Purpose

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  3. Am I Writing About My Life, Or Selling Myself Out?

But you can contribute and make a difference. And importance equals purpose. For many of us, the enemy is just old-fashioned complacency. We get into our routines. We distract ourselves. The couch is comfortable. The Doritos are cheesy. And nothing new happens. None of us know exactly how we feel about an activity until we actually do the activity. So ask yourself, if someone put a gun to your head and forced you to leave your house every day for everything except for sleep, how would you choose to occupy yourself?

You probably already do that. Sign up for a dance class? Join a book club? Go get another degree? Learn to hang glide? If it strikes your fancy, write down a few answers and then, you know, go out and actually do them. Bonus points if it involves embarrassing yourself. It freaks us out.

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But thinking about our own death surprisingly has a lot of practical advantages. A lot of people gave vague and boring answers. A few drinks were nearly spat on me.

Your Adventure

But it did cause people to really think about their lives in a different way and re-evaluate what their priorities were. Ultimately, death is the only thing that gives us perspective on the value of our life. What is your legacy going to be? What is your obituary going to say? Is there anything to say at all?

We live in a crisis of meaning.

If not, what would you like it to say? How can you start working towards that today? This is a one-way ticket to unhealthy relationships and eventual misery.

Read PDF Writing Your 1 Story: Living Life with a Higher Purpose

In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter. It is the principal source of success in life. Since we are not solely material creatures, it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone.

The key is to develop inner peace. At the age of 19 and locked up in a jail cell, Steve decided to pursue personal growth. He went on to become one of the biggest blogging successes in the field of self-development. A small warning before you visit his site, make sure you have plenty of time his content is rather addictive.

Who is she? This rebel against conventionality proves to us that more can be found outside of our comfort zones. Well, a man who has visited every country in the world all of them! Christie has an interesting skill. Just by looking at someone, she can determine if they are living their life purpose or not. Her mission? To get everyone on the planet vibrating at an energetic frequency of Love or Above. This well-known street performer is often mistaken for a raving lunatic, but with his messages of love and living in the present, in a city like New York, Matthew might be the sanest of all.

God gave you free will. Ralph dives deep into life and encourages us to look beyond illusions and perceived boundaries.

Am I Writing About My Life, Or Selling Myself Out?

Through his YouTube channel Infinite Waters , he helps us expand our consciousness and unlock our true potential. Through their social media channels, people all over the world are inspired by their adventurous videos and appetite for fun. The purpose of life is to discover your surroundings learn about the world, visit as many different countries as you can, take in lifetimes of knowledge by reading the work of brilliant minds , discover yourself what do you love?

What makes you truly feel alive?

You are not a body, you are a soul. That corner office and CEO title, for example, may cripple your heart and soul. The secret is to stop waiting for the company to make it better for you. Make it happen yourself. Start by making a list of values you think are important, Lombardo suggests. They may include everything from integrity to friendship, faith to humor, patience to spontaneity.

Then rank each on a scale of 1 to Being on their own and relying entirely on their initiative to survive and thrive is often transformative. It may take six months of meditating plus a wilderness trip plus therapy, but collectively those experiences will produce a spark and something will emerge from the process. Watch the evening news for a week or check out the online headlines: What gets you most upset? Understand, too, that it can take a while to settle on the right focus for you , so plan on doing a lot of networking and research before settling on a cause or a role. Think of it like transferring into a college, he says.

The people and systems are already in place, unlike when everyone arrives as freshmen together. You need to figure out how to fit into that existing culture. Many people may at first feel as if they want to get away from the tasks they perform at work, Winn says. Take stock of each segment of your life, Donovan says, and write down what you visualize as the ultimate goal in each area. Include your career, family, health, relationships, spirituality and travel desires.

Ask yourself: What would my best health look like? Who are the people I most want to spend time with?